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About Ultimate Gas Professionals Limited (UGAS)

ULTIMATE GAS PROFESSIONALS LIMITED is a registered private limited liability company established in November 2010 with the main aim of carrying out the business of marketing and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Uganda. The Companys Head Office is located at plot 24 Kakungulu Road, Kampala where it serves over 150 retail outlets and reaching out to approx. 12,000 families mainly in & around Kampala and a depot in Bulindo, Kira Municipality, Wakiso district near Kampala. We are also in the process of constructing a main depot in Jinja and Satelite Skid depot outlets across the Country.

The company has until this year been solely and exclusively distributing TOTAL gas; while also undertaking LPG Consultancy assignments on behalf of both government/ Public Sector, as well as the Private sector both local and International Companies intent on doing LPG in Uganda and East Africa at large. Locally, the company successfully lobbied and advised the government of Uganda through the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development to constitute a national drive to promote modern, fast clean cooking energy in the form of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)/ Cooking gas. This culminated into the development of the Ministry's LPG Promotion, Supplies and Infrastructure Intervention program which among others entails the issuing out of 1 million Free subsidised GOU 13Kg cylinders. We also participated in advising some of the licensed local oil producers with respect to processing and utilizing part of the gas in Hoima for domestic cooking purposes for the benefit of the citizens soon as oil production starts.

The year (2023) we introduced our own brand of Cylinders/ Cooking gas in the brand name "UGAS" in order to allow us the flexibility and ability to tailor simplified acquisition packages for a varied range of users in a form of nationalist support towards empowering and helping citizens to easily adopt this much-advantaged clean cooking product. We did not have this/ such flexibility under our distribution relationship with TotalEnergies Marketing Uganda's LPG Brand.

We aim to affordably transition as many citizens and Ugandan residents as possible including the hardworking corporate, government, institutional, and factory workers, as well as students to clean cooking gas; to positively impact their lives, health, and lifestyles, while inadvertently protecting the country's environment and tree cover by offering simplified adoption packages to help them to abandon firewood and charcoal usage.

We comprise a team of experienced, dedicated, and technical industry experts with a deep knowledge of the LPG/ Cooking gas business acquired from years of engagement within the industry both locally/ regionally and internationally. We would wish to pass over this knowledge and information about the false safety myths, hidden truths, and advantages of using LPG in comparison with other energies. We are full members of the Uganda National Association on Clean Cooking (UNAAC).

Our operation is divided into 2 divisions namely the CONSULTANCY wing & the DISTRIBUTION wing.

DISTRIBUTION: We operate from across Kampala city and its neighboring districts selling UGAS through a network of resellers. We are currently on a mission of spreading our distribution services into the countryside and have recently opened up an upcountry branch in eastern Uganda including in Jinja and Mbale with Resellers outlets being established in their neighboring districts, as well as in the Western District of Hoima where local gas supplies are expected to come from when local oil production commences. We are also on the lookout for Distributors in the rest of the Western and Southern regions of the country, including the greater North and West Nile Region soon.

CONSULTANCY: We undertake research, baseline, marketing, and technical feasibility studies in the field of LPG/Gas, including market entry advisory services for governments and private clients who are interested in investing in LPG/Gas in Uganda, East Africa, and the wider sub-saharan Africa region.

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We serve a wide array of Customer segments but with a key focus on the “unserved” lower middle class in the peri-urban and urban peripherals, as well as countryside precincts

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